WillieHi there!

I’m Willie Jackson from Des Moines. Ever since my adolescent I had the habit of scrutinizing people’s houses. I used to look at the ceiling, the floor, the furnishings and anything that grabbed my attention in the house.

My interest grew into passion and I completed an advanced course on interior designing. My first practical task started from my own home. I had taken each part of my house into a canvas and painted it the way I wanted. The final picture was amazing!

Slowly my friends started requesting me to decorate and renovate their houses as well. So, I started giving them different suggestions and tips. Then I thought, why not put all these in writing? So, I started writing this blog. In this blog you will find very interesting articles on floors, doors, glass, furnishings, gardening, etc. This blog will give you innovative ideas on how to rearrange your place and give it a new and better look.

My blog is aimed to help people who are interesting in giving their home a whole new look. You don’t need to hold a degree in interior design or architecture for modifying your house. If I could change the face of my house and receive accolades, then so can you! So why not start today?